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Scheuring‘s Pipe Tobacco Mixtures.

Eight blends of tobacco, blended especially for us, each with its own special character. You are invited to sample them at our tobacco bar to find the flavor you prefer.


A fully flavored, medium-strength mixture based on a high portion of full-bodied Black Cavendish combined with honeyed Virginia.  The mixture has a fine note of lemon and its very fruity note is achieved through the addition of papaya and guava aromas.   
50 Gr. - 7.70 euros

No. 12
This is a mild mixture combining honey flavoured Virginia with Black Cavendish.  It pleases the palate with the fruity aroma of fully ripe cherries and the distinctive taste of finest bourbon vanilla.   
50 Gr - 7.30 euros

No. 13   
Fully flavored Black Cavendish, honeyed Virginia flakes and Virginia with a fine note of lemon, brought together in a medium-strength mixture, rich in taste, and topped by the sensational aroma of ripe cherries.   
50 Gr. - 7.30 euros

No. 14
Mellow, highly aromatic mixture of silky Black Cavendish and honeyed Virginia with a hint of lemon and a subtle amaretto-vanilla flavor.   
50 Gr.-7.70 euros

No. 15
The main parts of this powerful, exuberant tobacco are red and golden Virginias, twice fermented Black Cavendish, Brown Cavendish and a trace of Burley. - A sweet ‘n fruity scent of fine champagne.   
50 Gr. - 8.50 euros

No. 21
A combination of honeyed Virginia with a hint of lemon, nutty Burley and full-bodied Black Cavendish delightfully rounded off with the bittersweet aroma of Latte Macchiato.   
50 Gr. - 7.30 euros

No. 31
Medium-strength mixture with a large portion of jet- black Black Cavendish, Latakia with its distinctive smoky note, nutty Burley and light Virginia. The mixture is artfully refined with the exquisite, fruity aromas of vanilla and Mirabelle, and a hint of lemon.   
50 Gr. - 7.70 euros

No. 41
Mild to medium-strength mixture of golden and reddish Virginia, hand-ground flake, twice fermented Black Cavendish. Added to it, a whiff of Perique full of body and finesse, and rounded off with a touch of honey, fig, cassis and caramel.   
50 Gr. - 7.30 euros

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